Who We are

Simply put, we are a Business Unicorn.

Business Unicorn:  A company who possesses a unique set of qualities, skills, and services that make them extremely rare and valuable. They’re hard to find, but once hired, they offer enormous benefits in the workplace and can help take your business to the next level.

"Even the genius asks questions."


Rise Payment Solutions

Retail, Restaurant, E-Commerce, High Risk & Alternative Payment Solutions

payment solutions
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Optimize back office operations while also driving NEW revenue streams and increasing the bottom line to your organization. Payroll Cards, Pre-Paid Cards, and Company Branded Cards available as well.

mobile apps & online marketing

Mobile Apps, Websites, Data Analytics, Social Networking, and Social Influencers

moobile apps

Non-Profit Packages

Charitable Organizations, 5013C, Non-Profit, Schools & Fund Raising Entities

Community Development

Free Community Seminars, Social Influencing, Economic Development, Best Practices, Volunteer Opportunities, and Charitable Contributions

community development
event management

Event Management

Event Insurance, Venue Optimization, Data Analytics, Sponsorship Opportunities, and Exhibitor Services and Benefits

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