Non-Profit packages

“We have WAY too much money and more than enough volunteer help. Please, everyone stop assisting us.” 

~ Said no non-profit EVER

You can stop laughing (or crying) now. We understand the stress and challenges that go along with running a non-profit organization. We know it SO WELL, in fact, that we dedicate both our personal and professional time and resources to making sure your job is easier both now and in the future.

Our robust non-profit package addresses topics such as how to boost donations, expanding donor options, identifying donors through data analytics and demographic information, streamlining complex processes, easing the pain of recruiting and tracking volunteers, and expanding your social presence for maximum exposure of your organization. Oh yeah, and we help you find free money too, did we mention that part?

Before you can say “But we don’t have time” we’d like to reassure you that we do most of the work for you. So, stop rocking back and forth and give us a call or shoot us an email and let us get started on helping your organization customize a solution that best fits your vision and makes life so much easier.

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