ad·vo·cate     verb     /ˈadvəˌkāt/

1. to recommend or support

synonyms: recommend, prescribe, commend, advise, support, back, uphold, champion, campaign on behalf of, speak for, argue for, plead for, press for, lobby for, urge, promote

What We Do

When is the last time someone sat down and advocated for your organization? Looked at your expenses, how you are taking in money, how you are spending money, how you can optimize time, and how you can improve efficiencies and promote growth?

At RISE, that’s exactly what we do.

Our goal is to help businesses uncover both revenue and business development opportunities by taking a unique 360º approach and offering the appropriate solutions to solve for problems you may not even realize you had. Our strengths and areas of expertise lie in helping identify outdated pricing models, streamlining processes, and providing you with new and exciting revenue generating ideas.

We are excited to be able to take a fresh new approach to business advocacy that helps promote economic growth and development, social impact, and organic financial sustainability for companies of all sizes. 

‘Company A’  has been in business for (50) years and has a net worth of $10mm in annual profits.

‘Company A’ brought RISE Strategic Group in to Advocate for them to determine if there was any savings that could be offered, any processes that could be streamlined, and any services that could be  optimized.

After reviewing a number of different services for them, RISE was able to uncover $500,000 in combined annual savings and optimization.

Because ‘Company A’ utilized RISE’s “Project Management” offering, they were not bogged down implementing the changes themselves, rather, they were able to sit back and allow RISE to make changes for them.

As a result, ‘Company A’ started realizing savings within 30 days.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

- Albert Einstein


$ 0 mm

How to Get Started

"Many are anxious to improve their circumstances, but aren't sure where to get started; therefore they remain bound."

- Unknown